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NAB and Others Appeal Licensing Fees
Washington - Jul 15, 2002 - The NAB and several radio group owners have filed an appeal to the ruling from the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dated August 1, 2001, which grants summary judgment to the U.S. Copyright Office and the Recording Industry Association of America.

The NAB lawsuit arises from a disagreement concerning the copyright law’s treatment of public performances of sound recordings that occur during streaming of radio broadcasts over the Internet.

The NAB cited the history behind the recent ruling and pointed out that the intent of the RIAA was to protect the interest of record sales, primarily due to potential losses from services such as Napster. The NAB further states that these concerns did not and do not apply to streamed radio signals because these services provide a listening service and not a distribution scheme.

The appeal calls the action of the Copyright Office and the RIAA "digital hair-splitting" and in doing so "the Copyright Office contorted the plain meaning of Section 114(d)(1)(A), misread the legislative history that supports that plain meaning, and thereby imposed a legal liability upon the radio broadcasting industry that Congress never intended."

The summary of the NAB appeal states, "AM/FM streaming - the Internet transmission by an FCC licensed radio broadcaster of the program fare offered by such broadcaster pursuant to its FCC license - constitutes a "nonsubscription broadcast transmission" within the meaning of Section 114(d)(1)(A) of the Copyright Act, and thereby is exempt from the limited performance right in sound recordings conferred by Section 106(6) of the Act. This is apparent from the plain meaning of Section 114(d)(1)(A) and the Act’s supporting definitions."

The appeal was filed by Bonneville International, Clear Channel Communications, Cox Radio, Emmis Communications, Entercom Communications, Susquehanna Radio and the National Association of Broadcasters.

A summary of the appeal is available at The entire filing can be viewed at
FCC Shuts Down LA Transmitter Site for RFR
Los Angeles - Jul 12, 2002 - The CGC Communicator reports that the FCC shut down the Mt. Wilson transmitter site because of RF radiation levels in a publicly accessible area. Read the account of the entire event at

FCC Revises Regulatory Fees for FY2002
Washington - Jul 3, 2002 - The FCC has revised its Schedule of Regulatory Fees to collect $218,757,000, as required by Congress for Fiscal Year 2002. Section 9(a) of the Communications Act, as amended, authorizes the Commission to assess and collect annual regulatory fees to recover the costs of its enforcement, policy and rulemaking, international and user information activities.

The Report and Order identifies the revised fee amounts for each fee category. This information will be published in the Federal Register and will be available on the FCC’s website at

The action was taken by the Commission on July 3, 2002, by Report and Order (FCC 02-205) by Chairman Powell, Commissioners Abernathy, Copps, and Martin.
Comedy Central Film Builds Radio Systems Set
Bridgeport, NJ - Jun 25, 2002 - Currently in production in New York City, Comedy Centrals’ first original film, Porn n' Chicken, directed by Lawrence Trilling, is based on Yale Universities’ controversial underground club that received national attention for its mission to meet every week to do just that: eat chicken and watch pornography.

In one scene, the club’s founders visit the campus radio station to be interviewed. Set decorator, Carol Silverman, had to build a realistic-looking college radio station for the shot. She asked Mark Olkowsky, vice president of engineering for WCBS (CBS/Infinity) in New York, for help. Olkowsky knew that Radio Systems, the company that rebuilt the studios for the New York flagship station, WCBS-AM, two years earlier, had a college radio heritage and sent Silverman there.

Silverman's job was to make the station look like the seasoned studios she had recently seen at nearby Barnard and Columbia Universities. When Radio Systems told her that the only used equipment that it had available was trade-in equipment that was "really beat," she knew she had the right source. The next week, a truck was loaded with consoles, racks and all manner of studio equipment to be reassembled for the shoot in New-York, coincidentally, a long-abandoned theological Seminaries’ radio studio. The set was completed with the mandatory wall collage of torn record company posters and album jackets.

Porn n' Chicken will air on Comedy Central in the fourth quarter of 2002. Watch for the college radio station scene that will surely take you back to your own days of radio without a spot to air or a music rotation to follow.

The college radio studio built for the film by Radio Systems.

Klotz Announces Program for RoadShowCase
Atlanta - Jul 9, 2002 - Jeff Detweiler, broadcast technology manager for Ibiquity Digital, will be on hand to discuss implementation and technology on August 2, 2002 as part of Klotz Digital's Roadshowcase.

Detweiler carries more than 20 years of experience in the radio industry. As broadcast technology manager for Ibiquity Digital, he manages the introduction and launch of in-band on-channel (IBOC) digital audio broadcasting technology to radio stations worldwide, coordinating conversion requirements for stations, including building conversion packages with transmission equipment manufacturers. Additionally, he sits on the Advisory Rollout Board and manages the technical aspects of Ibiquity's EASE (Early Adopter Station Enhancement) program, which provides free station assessments for digital upgrades. Prior to joining Ibiquity Digital, Detweiler held the position of worldwide sales and marketing nanager for QEI as well as northeast sales engineer for Allied Broadcast Equipment. He has also served as chief engineer at WWWE/WDOK, Cleveland, and WHWH/WPST, Princeton, NJ.

Roadshowcase is presented by Klotz Digital America in cooperation with the Los Angeles Chapter 47 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers at the Holiday Inn Media Center, Burbank, CA. Studio Technology and Wohler Technologies have joined the growing list of vendors participating in this interactive, hands-on showcase. Radio and TV broadcast engineers and programming personnel in the Southern California area are invited to experience a free day of equipment exhibits, demonstrations and debuts from a host of broadcast manufacturers including 360 Systems, Thales, Klotz Digital, Omnia, Moseley, ERI, Henry Engineering, Telos, Graham-Patten Systems, Orban, Gepco, Broadcasters General Store, Symetrix, Auralex, Radio Systems and RF Engineers.


Sporting News Radio Taps Netia Again
Boston and Los Angeles - Jul 18, 2002 - Sporting New Radio, a user of Netia’s Radio-Assist 7, has ordered equipment for its two new sites in Boston and Los Angeles. The Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles studios for the network will benefit from a complete, audio-digital Radio-Assist system, from production to broadcasting. For Sporting News Radio, this new installation represents a great technological step: The three databases (Chicago, Boston and LA) are entirely accessible by everyone. Sporting News Radio has almost 430 affiliated stations.

Each studio site possesses its own database and produces its documents locally. These three systems are connected by one wide area network (WAN) and they communicate amongst themselves with a T-1 line. From any workstation, the user can consult and upload the audio documents that he needs for his radio program. For the journalists and presenters, this instantaneous sharing of all the audio documents is advantageous and enriches the contents of the sporting news.
Signex Appoints Independent Audio as Exclusive North American Distributor
Portland, ME - Jul 17, 2002 - Signex, a UK patchbay manufacture, has appointed Independent Audio of Portland, ME, as the distributor of its pro audio product line in North America. Contact Independent Audio at 207-773-2424, or online at
Audio-Technica to Distribute Sabine in UK
Alachua, FL - Jul 16, 2002 - Sabine, the manufacturer of the FBX Feedback Exterminator and 2.4GHz spread spectrum wireless systems, has appointed Audio-Technica, of Leeds, England, as its exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom. Audio-Technica will distribute all of Sabine's professional audio and wireless products. Audio-Technica distributes the Audio-Technica product line in the United Kingdom and other countries.
DG Systems Delivers the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dallas - Jul 12, 2002 - Following the success of its secure and simultaneous digital distribution in early June of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' single and title track By The Way, DG Systems will collaborate with Warner Bros. Records for the delivery of all 15 songs from the Red Hot Chili Pepper's latest album. The distribution of one single from the album per day on 15 consecutive days by DG marks the first time that an entire album has been digitally delivered to radio stations through a private digital network.

From June 21 through July 5, more than 140 radio stations in key markets nationwide simultaneously received one track per day from the new album. Distributing the tracks via DG Music's secure network, which reaches about 7,500 radio stations, allowed Warner Brothers Records to control the timing of the release so that each station received songs at the same time. This allowed Warner Brothers to maintain control of song airplay and quality. The album was released in stores on July 9.
Digigram Completes Acquisition of Innova Son
Montbonnot, France - Jul 15, 2002 - Digigram completed its acquisition of French-based Innova Son, a designer of digital-audio mixing consoles. Innova Son consoles are used for sound reinforcement in live performance such as concerts, broadcast television, theatrical presentations, religious services and corporate events.

The deal completes a move made by Digigram when it acquired a 44.76 percent stake in Innova Son in January 2001. Digigram now owns 100 percent of Innova Son. Innova Son will preserve its own identity and commercial autonomy within the Digigram group and its products will continue to be distributed by the company's established network, while Digigram will provide sales support in markets that the company has yet to penetrate. Innova Son’s current management remains in place, with Philippe Royer as managing director in charge of sales and marketing and Gérard Malvot as technical director. Both are co-founders of Innova Son.

The Innova Son acquisition reinforces Digigram’s ambition to realize 40 percent of its 2002 activity in the public address market, which includes fixed installations, live sound and sound reinforcement.
Arbitron Reaches Agreement with Infinity and ABC
New York - Jul 15, 2002 - Arbitron has signed contract extensions with Infinity Broadcasting and with ABC Radio, which gives their stations access to quarterly radio ratings up to the release of the Spring 2003 radio survey as well as access to additional services currently provided.

"How the Portable People Meter will affect the scope of our radio ratings services over the next few years is an important topic of discussion between Arbitron and our customers," said Steve Morris, president and chief executive officer, Arbitron. "As we make progress in our market trial of the Portable People Meter and in our joint venture discussions with Nielsen Media Research, we will be better able to articulate the value proposition for the new ratings service. This contract extension is specifically designed to provide the time we need to give our customers the information they have requested in our continuing discussions for the long-term renewals of their ratings contracts."

Herman Becomes Master Distributor for Canare
Miami - Jul 11, 2002 - Herman Electronics, a Miami-based global distributor for the broadcast and audio-visual system integration industry, has entered into an agreement to distribute Canare's broadcast and A/V offerings including specialty connector products, premium cable and wire, A/V materials and broadcast equipment, patch panels and tooling. With its large distribution facility in South Florida, Herman will give the Southeastern U.S., Caribbean and Latin American markets access to a significant amount of Canare inventory within just a few days shipping time. Together, the companies form an integrated resource for a full range of broadcast and A/V solutions.
Allen and Heath has New U.S. Distributor
Agoura Hills, CA - Jul 8, 2002 - North American Pro Audio (NAPA) has been formed to provide United States distribution for British audio mixing console manufacturer Allen & Heath. The new company will operate as Allen & Heath USA. The new representation and distribution agreement goes into effect on Aug. 1, 2002. Previously, A&H representation was handled through the Utah-based Harman Music Group. Allen & Heath left the Harman International Industries group following a management buyout in June 2001, but the two firms continued working together on distribution until now.

The move was the final step to full independence for A&H. NAPA was founded by Lynn P. Martin, an industry veteran who has held executive positions with Harman International and, most recently, with Guitar Center, a musical instrument retailer. Allan Nichols will continue as director of sales in the new company.

NAPA will retain its existing rep network to ensure a smooth transition for the dealers and the customers that they serve. The new company is headquartered at a newly built facility in Agoura Hills, in Los Angeles, with Nichols operating a satellite facility in Nashville, TN, to offer East and West Coast coverage.


Adelstein Nomination Approved for FCC Post and Senate Vote
Washington - Jul 17, 2002 - A Senate panel has approved the latest nominee for the vacant seat on the Federal Communications Commission. After several months of discussion, Jonathan S. Adelstein, an aide to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle since 1995, will be considered by the full Senate for a vote. It is expected that Adelstein will be approved.
Wilson Joins Harris as VP of Studio Products and Systems
Cincinnati - Jul 16, 2002 - Haldane Wilson has joined Harris' Broadcast Communications Division as vice president, studio products and systems. In his new position, Wilson will be responsible for the overseeing of the day-to-day operations for DTV products, the Harris Broadcast Center, and the Harris Broadcast Systems unit for consoles and facility installations for radio and television.

Wilson brings more than 25 years of management experience to Harris Broadcast in domestic and international Fortune 1,000 businesses. Most recently, Wilson was senior vice president of customer service with Rolls Royce Energy, a division of Rolls Royce PLC, a $9 billion provider of air, land and sea power solutions. Prior to Rolls Royce, Wilson has held various executive positions with General Electric Company, domestically and in international markets. He was also director of strategic alliances and domestic sales for Cooper Energy Services, a $500 million division of Houston-based Cooper Cameron.

Wilson is a graduate of the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management.
Belden Names O'Connell as a Vice President
Richmond, IN - July 9, 2002 - Belden Electronics Division promoted Brian O'Connell to vice president of sales and marketing for the Americas operation. O'Connell originally joined Belden in July 1999 as vice president of Belden's Alpha Wire Company. He was responsible for all Alpha Wire sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution activities.

Prior to joining Belden, O’Connell served as vice president for the Industrial Business Unit of Wauregan, CT-based C&M. In that position he was responsible for the unit’s sales and marketing, design and manufacturing efforts.

FCC Chairman Commences Second Term as Commissioner
Washington - Jul 1, 2002 - FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell commenced his second term as FCC Commissioner for a term expiring June 30, 2007. He was originally nominated as FCC Commissioner in July 1997 by President Clinton, confirmed by the Senate in October 1997, and sworn in November 3, 1997, for a term expiring June 30, 2002. Powell was designated Chairman of the FCC by President Bush on January 22, 2001.

In May 2001, President Bush renominated Powell, and the Senate confirmed him, for this second Commission term running from July 1, 2002, to June 30, 2007.
HHB USA Appoints New President
Simi Valley, CA - Jul 10, 2002 - HHB USA, which recently moved from West Los Angeles to a larger office and larger warehousing facilities in Simi Valley, CA, appointed a new president, Doug Schwartz. Taking over from David Beesley who has returned to the UK, Schwartz is an experienced audio industry professional serving time in retail and as an independent rep before establishing his own professional audio and video accessory company, Pacific Supply and Trading. Schwartz has assumed dual roles as president of both companies.
AKG Names Templin as VP
Nashville, TN - Jul 2, 2002 -AKG Acoustics U.S. has appointed Garry Templin to the position of vice president of sales and market development. Effective immediately, Templin assumes responsibility for the development and implementation of AKG’s U.S. sales and market development programs across all of the vertical markets it serves.

Templin joins AKG Acoustics U.S. from Telex Communications where he held the position of vice president sales, live sound and was responsible for the general management of the Telex Pro Audio Group including strategic planning and sales. Prior to the merger of EVI and Telex, Templin oversaw sales at EVI Audio where he implemented structural improvements for multiple brands and delivered consistent annual growth over his five-year tenure as vice president, sales. Templin also previously served as national sales manager for Electro Voice.

Templin began his professional audio career as a manufacturer’s representative, serving with Cambridge Marketing Group and CL Pugh & Associates in Pittsburgh, PA. He has a Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University. He has also completed multiple management programs including ISO 9000 Executive Training, Total Quality Management, American Management Association courses and served as a sales course leader with the Dale Carnegie group.

AKG Acoustics microphones and headphones are manufactured in Vienna, Austria. AKG Acoustics U.S. markets the full line of AKG Acoustics microphones and headphones and processing technology for recording, concert, sound reinforcement, commercial sound and broadcast applications. AKG Acoustics U.S. is part of the Harman International family of companies.


Apple Releases Quicktime 6
Cupertino, CA - Jun 4, 2002 - Apple has released Quicktime 6 featuring full support for MPEG-4. Quicktime 6 also includes Apple’s new Quicktime Streaming Server 4 and the new Quicktime Broadcaster.

Quicktime Broadcaster supports live encoding with real-time preview, and the ability to record and hint in real-time to the computer's hard disk for quick video-on-demand posting. It supports Quicktime codecs as well as MPEG-4 and AAC audio, AppleScript, the ability to create custom settings, communication via TCP between Broadcaster and Server, and auto-configuration of connections between Broadcaster and Server.

The software is available on Apple's website ( as a free download.
Telos Releases Software Updates for Series 2101 and Twox12
Cleveland - Jul 12, 2002 - Telos Systems has launched Version 2.0 software for the Series 2101 and Twox12 Talkshow Systems. Version 2.0 offers several new features and performance enhancements, all of which were the direct result of client feedback on earlier versions.

The Series 2101 v2.0 software offers:
  • Support for use with an enhanced range of Telco equipment
  • Improved integration with Telos Assistant Producer call-screening software, including the ability to change shows remotely
  • Ability to generate DTMF tones using Studio I/O keypads
  • Remote system monitoring via added Telnet capability

    Highlights of TWOx12 v2.0 software include:
  • Connection of as many as eight Assistant Producer modules
  • Support for as many as eight Desktop Directors
  • New Auto-record mode to allow automatic starting of a dedicated recording device

    Users can obtain these updates free of charge by choosing the Software Update menu item on the units themselves (when an Internet connection is active), or from the Telos Systems website at

    Mackie Intros Multi-DAW Control Surface
    Woodinville, WQ - Jul 8, 2002 - Mackie Designs has unveiled Mackie Control, a nine-fader master control surface with nine touch-sensitive Penny and Giles motorized faders. Mackie Control supports software integration for a growing family of DAWs that currently includes Soundscape 32 by Mackie Broadcast Professional, Nuendo and CubaseSX by Steinberg, and Digital Performer by MOTU. Support is coming soon for Cooledit Pro by Syntrillium Software, SONOR 2 by Cakewalk and many others. In addition, Mackie Control has been pre-mapped to enable power-user functions by many of the supported DAWs, and is the first to offer DAW-specific Lexan overlays allowing users to take advantage of these functions.

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