NAB Radio Update - Aug 26, 2008

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  • NAB Announces 2008 Marconi Radio Awards Finalists
  • AEQ Phoenix Studio, Phoenix Mobile
  • Continental Electronics 800Exp
  • Enco Systems RAMA
  • How well do you know Austin?
  • Career Day to Feature Speed Mentoring
  • IBOC Technical Panel Featured at NAB Radio Show
  • Digigram LX1616ES
  • Broadcast ElectronicsFXi 60/250esp
  • Vorsis AP2000
  • NAB Radio Show Session Addresses Copper Theft
  • Reese to Receive National Radio Award
  • Where to eat in Austin
  • Davicom/Comlab Telecommunications Micro MAC
  • Logitek Jetstream Mini
  • Coaxial Dynamics 81030
  • How Did You Do?

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    News from the Convention

    NAB Announces 2008 Marconi Radio Awards Finalists
    Washington, DC - Jul 14, 2008 - The NAB has announced the finalists for the NAB Marconi Radio Awards, which honor radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. The winners will be announced Sept. 18 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show held during The NAB Radio Show at the Austin Convention Center.

    The finalists are:

    Legendary Station
    KOIT-FM San Francisco, CA
    KSTP-FM Minneapolis, MN
    WBLS-FM New York, NY
    WBT-AM Charlotte, NC
    WSM-AM Nashville, TN

    Network Syndicated Personality of the Year
    Glenn Beck, Premiere Radio Networks
    Bob & Sheri, Greater Media Charlotte
    Neal Boortz, Cox Radio/Dial Global
    Steve Harvey, Premiere Radio Networks
    Kidd Kraddick, Yea! Network

    Major Market Station of the Year
    KBWF-FM San Francisco, CA
    KIIS-FM Los Angeles, CA
    KOIT-FM San Francisco, CA
    WBLS-FM New York, NY
    WMAL-AM Washington, DC

    Large Market Station of the Year
    KOA-AM Denver, CO
    KSDS-FM San Diego, CA
    WEBN-FM Cincinnati, OH
    WLNK-FM Charlotte, NC
    WSWD-FM Cincinnati, OH

    Medium Market Station of the Year
    KKOH-AM Reno, NV
    KSTZ-FM Des Moines, IA
    WLAV-FM Grand Rapids, MI
    WNCT-FM Greenville, NC
    WTUE-FM Dayton, OH

    Small Market Station of the Year
    KAIR-FM Atchison, KS
    KBHP-FM Bemidji, MN
    KITX-FM Hugo, OK
    KOFM-FM Enid, OK
    WGIL-AM Galesburg, IL

    Major Market Personality of the Year
    Eric & Kathy, WTMX-FM Chicago, IL
    Grandy & Andy, WMAL-AM Washington, DC
    John & Ken, KFI-AM Los Angeles, CA
    Glenn Ordway, WEEI-AM Boston, MA
    Ryan Seacrest, KIIS-FM Los Angeles, CA

    Large Market Personality of the Year
    Amos Brown, WTLC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    Bob Conners, WTVN-FM Columbus, OH
    Cornbread, WIL-FM St. Louis, MO
    Kelly, Mudflap & JoJo, KYGO-FM Denver, CO
    Moon & Staci, KSTP-FM Minneapolis, MN

    Medium Market Personality of the Year
    Corey & Jay, KDJE-FM Little Rock, AR
    Tony Gates, WLAV-FM Grand Rapids, MI
    Dave Kane, WCMF-FM Rochester, NY
    Jim Villanucci, KKOB-AM Albuquerque, NM
    Don Weeks, WGY-AM Albany, NY

    Small Market Personality of the Year
    Mark Clark, KRCH-FM Rochester, MN
    George & Katie, WAXX-FM Eau Claire, WI
    Kate Hayes, KOZT-FM Fort Bragg, CA
    JJ Thomas, KOFM-FM Enid, OK
    Will & Barry, KITX-FM Hugo, OK

    Spanish Format Personality of the Year
    Diamond Boy Luis, KXOL-FM Los Angeles, CA
    Los Hijos De La Manana, KTTA-FM Sacramento, CA
    Marimar, KMYX-FM Bakersfield, CA
    Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, KSCA-FM Los Angeles, CA
    Omar & Argelia, KLVE-FM Los Angeles, CA

    AC Station of the Year
    KSTZ-FM Des Moines, IA
    WJJR-FM Rutland, VT
    WLIT-FM Chicago, IL
    WLYF-FM Miami, FL
    WTMX-FM Chicago, IL

    CHR Station of the Year
    KHKS-FM Dallas, TX
    WKFS-FM Cincinnati, OH
    WKST-FM Pittsburgh, PA
    WNCI-FM Columbus, OH
    WSTR-FM Atlanta, GA

    Country Station of the Year
    KMFX-FM Rochester, MN
    KSON-FM San Diego, CA
    KYGO-FM Denver, CO
    KZKX-FM Lincoln, NE
    WFMS-FM Indianapolis, IN

    News/Talk Station of the Year
    KFI-AM Los Angeles, CA
    KKOB-AM Albuquerque, NM
    WBEN-AM Buffalo, NY
    WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL
    WTMJ-AM Milwaukee, WI

    Oldies Station of the Year
    KQQL-FM Minneapolis, MN
    WBHF-AM Cartersville, GA
    WMXJ-FM Miami, FL
    WNCT-FM Greenville, NC
    WOLX-FM Madison, WI

    Religious Station of the Year
    WFMV-FM Columbia, SC
    WLIB-FM New York, NY
    WMIT-FM Black Mountain, NC
    WTLC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    WVEL-AM Peoria, IL

    Rock Station of the Year
    KBZT-FM San Diego, CA
    KOZT-FM Fort Bragg, CA
    WAPL-FM Appleton, WI
    WMGK-FM Philadelphia, PA
    WSWD-FM Cincinnati, OH

    Spanish Station of the Year
    KMYX-FM Bakersfield, CA
    KNRV-AM Denver, CO
    KNUV-AM Phoenix, AZ
    KSCA-FM Los Angeles, CA
    KTTA-FM Sacramento, CA

    Sports Station of the Year
    KESN-FM Dallas, TX
    KGME-AM Phoenix, AZ
    KXNO-AM Des Moines, IA
    WEEI-AM Boston, MA
    WGR-AM Buffalo, NY

    Urban Station of the Year
    WBLS-FM New York, NY
    WFXC-FM Raleigh, NC
    WHQT-FM Hollywood, FL
    WKYS-FM Washington, DC
    WPHI-FM Philadelphia, PA

    The NAB Marconi Radio Awards were established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi.

    Exhibitor Extra


    AEQ Phoenix Studio, Phoenix Mobile
    POTS codecs
    Booth 521
    Phoenix Studio is an IP audio codec, in a single 1U rack-mountable case, with stereo analog and digital inputs and outputs and universal power supply. Phoenix Mobile is an IP audio codec for portable use, with a digital mixer with four analog inputs, internal LI-ION battery, protective cover and 12Vdc power supply/charger. Both units have two slots for inserting optional communication modules: POTS, ISDN, X21, V35 and GSM. In addition to the main program and return, they can simultaneously provide a backup channel utilizing the optional communication modules. They have been designed to ensure interoperability with both present and future AEQ and third-party equipment. Therefore they are equipped with a great variety of encoding formats and can be upgraded to other formats as the market matures.

    Continental Electronics 800Exp
    Embedded exporter
    Booth 501
    Continental Electronics' 800Exp Embedded Exporter is a Next Generation, HD Radio exporter based on Embedded DSP Technology which translates into a more accurate and reliable HD Radio broadcast experience. Enclosed in a single rack unit box is all of the technology required to develop and manage complex HD signals. Control and monitoring is accessed through a standard Web browser and, since there is no hard drive or OS, system start-up is incredibly fast and stable. Continental’s 800EXP is compatible with IP based STL systems, both Aunidirectional or bidirectional, is field upgradable through its Web browser interface, and offers uncompromised reliability when paired with a Continental 802EX FM Digital Exciter using Continental’s dedicated Exporter to Exgine network processor.

    Enco RAMA

    Enco Systems RAMA
    Stand-alone metadata appliance
    Booth 412
    RAMA meets metadata distribution needs in a small box. The completely solid-state disk-less hardware is noise-free and measures 7”×2”×41/2”. Configuration and control are done through an easy-to-use browser interface. With two network connections it bridges the gap between the outside world and an automation network. Padapult is at the heart of RAMA and allows users to create and distribute now playing information along with compelling messagecasting content by sending real-time text data to an RBDS encoder, HD Radio Importers, a website and other destinations – up to 10 total. RAMA is the first metadata delivery appliance for radio stations and networks, distributing network PAD/PSD data to affiliates on a real-time or store and forward basis. RAMA is also a remotely administered metadata tool allowing configuration of local stations' data feeds from any location.

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