One winning product will be chosen in each of the 13 categories:

  1. Ancillary Equipment (speakers, headphones, amplifiers, sound cards)
  2. Audio and Data Transmission (codecs, wired STLs, IP audio transmission)
  3. Audio Routing and Control (mixers, routers, distribution amps)
  4. Audio storage and playback (automation, recorders)
  5. Digital Audio Workstations
  6. Facility Support (racks, furniture, remote control)
  7. HD Radio Technology
  8. Microphone Technology (mics, mic processors)
  9. Online Technology (streaming, podcasting, website)
  10. Remote Broadcast (vehicles, PAs, wireless mics/IFB)
  11. RF Transmission (transmitters, antennas, STLs, but not specifically for HD Radio)
  12. Signal Processing (audio processors, D-A/A-D converters)
  13. Test and Measurement (test equipment, monitoring systems)