Network attached storage 

Networks share a common problem - where will the data be stored?

Streaming costs and benefits 

As online listening increases and costs follow, the decision to stream is no longer simple. After all, streaming is very different from the traditional broadcast model.

Understanding the DMCA 

What's behind the claims of costs of the DMCA, the RIAA and AFTRA.

Gigabit Ethernet 

In 1998, the IEEE adopted the standard defining one Gigabit (1Gb) Ethernet over fiber optic cabling. In June of 1999, the standard defining 1 Gigabit Ethernet, or 1000BaseT, over copper pairs was ratified.

Soundscape Mixpander/9 

PCI sound card

License-free facility interconnection 

Simple point-to-point audio paths have become complex networks joining multiple studio facilities and transmitter sites, sometimes spread over a large area.

Digigram VXpocket Compatible with SoundCheck Software 

The card has two balanced mono inputs at microphone or line level and two balanced analog outputs.

Trends in Technology: Audio Storage and Delivery Systems 

Just about every feature we have appreciated in the broadcast cartridge has been replaced by a more flexible and better-sounding alternative.

Network diagnostic tools 

Remember when creating a PC-based network was relatively simple (except for spending countless hours fighting with the operating system software)? Thankfully, most of those problems have been eliminated. Of course, we're not just transferring files or sharing printers anymore.

Get into the Production Groove 

The phrase “radio production” is a catch-all phrase used to describe any event that is not created live on the air. Production reaches farther than commercials and includes non-commercial production work such as station imaging and promotion, and feature program origination.

Field Report: WireReady 

Paul A. Litwinovich reviews this radio automation system.

Field Report: RadioSoft Comstudy 2.2 

ComStudy 2.2 is a suite of RF study tools, the primary functions of which are the prediction coverage and interference, along with the study of AM and FM allocations. The software also supports TV and land mobile; however, my version does not support those functions. If I had to describe this software in just a few words, I'd have to say, feature packed.

Digital Audio Workstations 

One would think that by now all radio stations and audio production studios have replaced their analog reel-to-reel tape recorders with some type of digital editing system. Many have, but surprisingly, my visits to different facilities have revealed that there are still many that haven't upgraded to the latest technology.

Data Routers 

Routers, switches and hubs are integral parts of a wide-area computer network. Each has its own unique function.

Streaming Under Attack 

Webcasters that survived the Copyright Office's December royalty decision have been dealt another nearly fatal blow.

Making Money on the Web (the 2001 plan) 

Making money online is possible by using the complimentary aspects of the website and radio.

On-air playback and automation 

The innovative phase of on-air playback systems has reached its peak.

Surviving the Internet 

We all know that habits change. Radio listening habits (and naturally radio itself) have undergone some changes from their origin. The most dramatic change

Digital audio workstations 

Portability was the DAW trend this year. Previously, manufacturers raced in order to beat each other in releasing the newest feature. Increases in sampling

Remote access equipment requirements 

Last month, I discussed three methods to remotely access your server dial-up, extranet and the virtual private network (VPN). This month, we will look

Caught up in a Web 

Is there a future for Internet radio? It depends on whom you ask. The news in mid-April certainly put a damper on all things audio on the Internet. First,

The Transition To Digital 

Incrementally or all at once, the transition is coming. How digital is your facility?

Ups and downs 

Radio has been resilient enough to recover from every downturn it has experienced with an even higher subsequent peak.


Establishing and maintaining your station's Internet presence is a full-time job. Having a presence on the Internet isn't exactly a walk in the park.

IP multicast 

The Internet is based on a layered protocol model. Each layer provides specific services and has particular responsibilities. The Internet protocol, or

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