Security through encryption 

Data encryption is simply a more advanced form of cryptology that can keep your data safe.

Be an effective record keeper 

Avoid the endless reams of paper and consolidate your records.

Capturing and Encoding on the Cheap 

Many years ago, capturing and encoding was a tedious process. Nowadays it's almost as easy as point, click and leave.

Improving network reliability 

While most well designed and properly installed Ethernet networks rarely experience catastrophic failures, performance can slowly degrade and then the network slows dramatically.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

The PC turns 21 | The Ramko Phasemaster | Trends in Webcasting

Data backup systems 

It is possible to backup data directly to flash-type memory devices, but there are safer methods.

Trends in Technology: Digital Audio Workstations 

DAWs are a critical part of the production process and buyers should choose one carefully.

Field Report: RCS Master Control 

Russel Smith reviews this audio storage and playback system.

Field Report: V-Soft Probe II 

The Technical Research Department at Salem Communications reviews the RF mapping software.

A look at arbitrated loop 

Fibre-Channel can use one of three topologies: point-to-point, cross-point and arbitrated loop.

Websites that work 

Many elements can be part of a good website, but there are some elusive traits that can transform a good website into a great website.

Comments About the CARP Rate Announcements 

What does the radio industry think about the recent CARP rates? Read it all at BE Radio.

Remote access: data cabling 

While most Internet access is expected to continue through the use of dial-in connections, the availability of broadband high-speed services is growing at a rapid rate.

Using VPNs 

In the past, providing access to a company's computer network for its employees and others that worked outside of the office was handled in one of three ways.

Revenue from the Web 

While creating a station website is a simple proposition, making a successful website, one that extends the station's goals and makes money is a bit more challenging.

Webcasting: A Primer 

Far from being complex and difficult, the process of webcasting is similar to traditional broadcasting models. It allows you to reach your audience at times you may not have reached them before.

Online Audio Processing 

It is generally advisable to use a separate processor when setting up an Internet stream for the purpose of re-broadcasting your station over the Internet.

The Cart Chunk standard 

The problem of file incompatibility is found primarily at two levels: between different platforms or operating systems and between applications generating data files that utilize proprietary formats.

Webcasting Made Legal 

A discussion of the the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act of 1995 (DPRA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA).

Network attached storage 

Networks share a common problem - where will the data be stored?

Understanding the DMCA 

What's behind the claims of costs of the DMCA, the RIAA and AFTRA.

Streaming costs and benefits 

As online listening increases and costs follow, the decision to stream is no longer simple. After all, streaming is very different from the traditional broadcast model.

Soundscape Mixpander/9 

PCI sound card

Gigabit Ethernet 

In 1998, the IEEE adopted the standard defining one Gigabit (1Gb) Ethernet over fiber optic cabling. In June of 1999, the standard defining 1 Gigabit Ethernet, or 1000BaseT, over copper pairs was ratified.

Digigram VXpocket Compatible with SoundCheck Software 

The card has two balanced mono inputs at microphone or line level and two balanced analog outputs.

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